The chat plugin we use is Herochat. The way it works is simple - there is a Global channel (with the grey prefix G:), and a Local channel. You use the Global channel by default to communicate to anybody on the server, in any world. The Local channel has a 250 block radius so if you speak in it, you will only be heard by people in a 250 block radius. However, you will still be able to hear all the chatting in the Global channel (unless you leave it).

You would use the Local channel if you were building with somebody nearby and needed to communicate frequently, as to not fill up the Global channel with messages irrelevant to the rest of the players on the server.

/msg <player>  
Send a private message to a playertd>
/r <msg>
Reply to a private message.
/ignore <player>
Ignore or unignore a player. Admins cannot be ignored, sorry!
/join (local | l | global | g)
Join the Local or Global channel. You must join the Local channel in order to speak in it. Joining a channel simply means you can listen to the chat there, but does not change your chat focus to that channel.
/ch (local | l | global | g)
Joins and changes your focus to the Local or Global channel.
/g | /l <msg>
Shortcut that allows you to speak in Local or Global if you have the other channel focused.
/leave (local | l | global | g)
Leave the Local or Global channel. You will no receive messages from this channel.

Please note that all of these commands must be executed while you are standing in the claim.

Using the keyword public in place of <player> will grant it to everyone.

/trust <player>
Give another person full permission blocks in your claimed land.
/accesstrust | /at <player>
Gives another person permission to use buttons, levers, and beds.
/containertrust | /ct <player>
Gives another person access trust and the ability to access and take from containers.
/untrust | /ut <player>
Untrust a player in your claimed land.
/untrust all
Untrust all players in your claimed land.
List permissions for the claim you are standing in.
List all of your claims.
Free the claim you are standing in, refunding the amount of claim blocks used.
Free all of the claims you own, refunding the amount of claim blocks used.
Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so that you can divide your claims.
Switches your shovel back to normal.
Toggle explosions on/off for the claim.
/sendcoords | /sc <player> 
Send your coordinates to a player.
Test if there is server lag. 20 TPS means there is none.
Gives you the coordinate of your last death. Currently resets everytime the server restarts.
/recipe <item>
Gives you the layout for any craftable item. Exclusive plugin.
/ts list
Show all the people currently on the TeamSpeak.
Teleports you outside the claimed region if you are stuck.
/unstuck | /!
Teleports you upwards if you're glitched inside a block.
/dynmap <show/hide>
Shows/hides you from the web map. Useful for hiding if you're in the death games.


The pet plugin we use is EchoPet. You can right click your pet to view the in-game GUI for your pet instead of learning the commands!

/pet help
View all pet commands.
/pet <animal>:[data],[data],...
Spawn a new pet with optional data values (
/pet name <name>
Name your pet.
/pet hat
Toggles wearing your pet as a hat.
/pet remove
Remove your pet.
/myweather [on | off | reset]
MERELORDS - Change your weather on the server (does not affect anyone else).
Right-click a player
MERELORDS - Mount a player.
/piggyback [on | off]
MERELORDS - Toggle the ability to mount a player.
/bminfo <player>
Get previous ban information on a player.
/warn <player> <reason>
Warn a player.
/kick <player> <reason>
Kick a player.
/tempmute <player> <time in sec> <reason>
Temporarily mute a player. Ex.
= 1 hour,
= 1 day
/tempban <player> <time in sec> <reason>
Temporarily ban a player.
Toggles the ability to edit anything as if you were trusted.
/pr i [parameters]
Binds the Prism inspection tool (your hand). All parameters are here. Suggested parameters are
. Left click to inspect current block, right click to inspect the adjacent block.
/pr l [parameters]
Prism lookup command.

These are the general rules you should abide by. All rules are subject to change. We have a very diverse community of players, so never assume people have the same beliefs as you do.


  • The Golden Rule
  • Respect others and their views.
  • Mature debate only. No namecalling, personal attacks, or forcing views.
  • No racism, excessive swearing, offensive jokes.
  • NSFW links must be labeled as such. NSFL links will result in a ban.

Griefing & Looting

  • Griefing is strictly prohibited server-wide and will result in an immediate ban. This is subject to interpretation by an admin/mod.
  • Looting (defined as taking from unknown chests) is permitted on any container that is not protected - unless it is marked as donations or similar. Excessive looting will be considered griefing.


It should never be a question of whether or not some action is defined as pranking or griefing.

  • Do not prank anyone of which you cannot gauge the reaction.
  • If you do prank, you will be expected to help clean up if requested.


PvP is prohibited, except in cases of Death Games, Death Race, King of the Ladder, or any future PvP related "Mini-Game." Staff reserves the right to prohibit ALL PvP, including those instances involving mini-games. Players who give consent to PvP prior to each battle are also exempt.

Policy on Rollbacks

Rollbacks revert an area or a person back to a previous state. Admins may rollback an area or a person due to griefing (very unlikely with this community) or a glitch. These are the only deemable times when an admin will rollback:

  • A person has griefed, by interpretation of the admins and mods.
  • It was the fault of the server or admin.*

* In order to prove that it was the server's fault, you must prove that the same scenario would not have occurred in single player.

None of these rules are set in stone. We are a community and to be a part of the server you must be respectful of the community. Exploiting rules or other malicious intent towards other players will see you a one-way ticket off the server.

Your builds may be removed at the discretion of the admins if they do not comply by these rules. Repeat offenders may be warned and banned if they persist.

  • You should not make towers that are a few blocks wide and very ugly. If you must, please remove them after.
  • Paths across water should be raised a few blocks so that boats may pass under.
  • Try to avoid making skybases unless you plan it out. You are never allowed to build directly above somebody else's build without their permission.
  • No obscene, offensive, or racist symbols.

Welcome to Merecraft!

You wake up and find yourself in the heart of a thriving old-world town.

After waking up, you find some books nearby and decide to read them. Someone wrote them so they cannot be too bad. You find that they are very informative and helpful for getting started on the server.

What is your purpose? Why are you here?

Now that you are a Merefolk there are a few different directions you can go in. There are the traditional, cardinal directions, but most people prefer to go in their own unique direction.

What are my options?

Some Merefolk enjoy living in communities. They live in close proximity to others and have their own versions of an economy.

Others live in solitude in their castles, fortresses, or caves. Sometimes they venture out and see others but they prefer their independence and lack of government intervention.

Note that the map was generated in 1.7.

We use a plugin called GriefPrevention that offers a simple rectangular claim region with visible corners. To create your first protection, place a chest! A small area will be protected around it. To modify and expand the region, you will need to obtain a gold shovel. You can then right click a block with a stick to see details of that specific block.

Claims Information

Each player starts off with 200 claim blocks. You will gain 100 blocks per hour of active gameplay. Optionally, you can also purchase additional claim blocks. The claim blocks are calculated based on the surface area, not the volume of the claim.

By default, explosions (TNT, creepers, ghasts, withers) are disabled in claims. This is toggle-able with /claimexplosions. Fire spread and fire burn are disabled in claims and currently cannot be toggled.

Automatic Claims Deletion

If you have not logged on for more than 30 days, your claims will be vulnerable for deletion unless they are larger than 30^2. Log in every so often to prevent this, and it's a nice gesture to give a status update if you're not going to be on.

GriefPrevention Configuration

Last Updated: 12/29/2013

Trust ContainerTrust AccessTrust

Includes ContainerTrust

  • Placing/breaking blocks (includes item frames, buckets)
  • Bonemealing crops
  • Setting/putting out fires

Includes AccessTrust

  • Sheep shearing/dyeing
  • Access to chests/hoppers/dispensers
  • Damaging animals
  • Applying nametags
  • Use of buttons (including shooting an arrow at one)
  • Opening doors (including trapdoors, fences)
  • Using pressure plates
  • Using ender pearls (both target and origin)
  • Using levers
  • Using beds
  • Breeding/taming/leading/feeding animals

Your claim is protected from:

  • TNT, Wither, Creeper explosions (use /claimexplosions to override)
  • Block placement/breaking
  • Fire spread/destroy
  • Zombies breaking your door
  • Crops being trampled
  • Enderman griefing